Bloody Roar


Fighting video game Bloody Roar, or Bloody Roar: Hyper Beast Duel in Europe and Japan, was developed by Raizing (now Eighting) and released in arcades in the 1980s. Hudson Soft eventually ported it to the PlayStation and Sony Computer Entertainment published it. The arcade version of Beastorizer was published in North America on July 7, 1997. November 6, 1997, in Japan; October 31, 1997, North America; and March, 1998, Europe, for the PlayStation version of Bloody Roar.

After the release of the original Bloody Roar game, there have been four additional games in the series that have been released on various platforms. Zoanthropes, warriors with the ability to shift into half-human, half-animal "Beasts," and the Tylon Corporation, an underground organization that wants to exploit zoanthropes as mind-controlled weapons, are the focus of the game. Originality and aesthetics were praised by critics, however opinions on the audio were more divided. Due to the game's popularity, it was re-released on October 14th, 1999 for The Best range. PlayStation Network in North America re-released the game on August 20, 2009.