Digimon World


Developed and published by Bandai, Digimon World (Japanese:, Hepburn: Dejimon Wrudo) is a PlayStation video game based on the Digimon virtual pets. After that, a slew of sequels were released on other platforms, including the PlayStation and others. Jijimon brings a human to File City on File Island in order to save it. Digimon are losing their memories and becoming feral, and the city has fallen into disarray as a result. In order to rescue the island, the player, who is depicted as a young kid, must assist Digimon remember and return to the city.

A single Digimon is raised from its egg form to a Fresh, In-Training to a Rookie to a Champion to an Ultimate with hard work. The player must raise a Digimon partner a second time as they "fade away" over time.

Trainers, food and relaxation are all necessary to raise a Digimon companion. The Digimon's stats are boosted through training in order to make it more powerful in battle. Rookie Digimons can "Digivolve" into Champion Digimons with superior stats and skills if they are raised and trained properly, whereas Numemon, a Champion Digimon with inferior stats and skills, can only be raised and trained poorly.