Digimon World 3 (USA)


Digimon World 3, released for PlayStation 1, is a roleplaying game where players embark on a virtual adventure to become a Digimon Tamer. Explore diverse areas, battle wild Digimon, and collect cards to strengthen your team. Unravel a fascinating storyline featuring friendship and courage. Enjoy turnbased combat and interactive gameplay. Immerse yourself in this classic title known for its strategic depth and engaging characters.


In Digimon World 3 USA, embark on an epic adventure with your Digimon companions. Battle through dungeons, train your creatures, and conquer enemies to become the ultimate Digimon master. Explore diverse environments, solve puzzles, and engage in strategic turnbased combat. Hone your skills and evolve your Digimon to prevail in intense battles. Immerse yourself in the digital world and unravel its mysteries in this thrilling roleplaying game.

Digimon World 3, USA, PlayStation 1, RPG, Adventure