Dino Crisis 2


It was created by Capcom Production Studio 4 and published by Capcom as Dino Crisis 2 for the PlayStation. In the Dino Crisis series, it's the second installment.

Unsafe research into time-distorting Third Energy following the last game's events resulted in the relocation of an entire research base, military institution, and fictional metropolis of Edward City with all of its residents to a new period. This time around Regina returns as a playable character as an advisor to the rescue squad sent back in time in search of Third Energy experiment survivors and data. She was formerly a member of the Secret Operations Raid Team. The second playable character is Dylan Morton, the captain of the rescue crew. In spite of their initial split, Regina and Dylan end up working together to discover a path back to the future. Regina and Dylan are alternately controlled by the player at certain stages in the game's narrative.