Final Fantasy IV: Advance


The Game Boy Advance port of Final Fantasy IV Advance is as satisfying as ever. With fantastic graphics and incredible music, this RPG delivers a classic, but modern-day gamer experience. It's the best RPG on the Game Boy Advance so far, and it's a classic for good reason. But what makes it special? Read on to find out what we think of this Game Boy Advance port. Here are our top picks for Final Fantasy IV Advance!

The game takes place on the Earth, otherwise known as the Blue Planet, a world made of two parts: an underground world inhabited by dwarves, and a surface world populated by humans. The artificial moon orbiting the Blue Planet is home to the Lunarians, a race of beings who were once displaced from their original world. They developed this artificial moon as a resting place until they could live in harmony with humans. Another natural moon orbits the Blue Planet, but this one was never visited by the Lunarians.