Golden Sun


The premise of Golden Sun is a simple one: stop two Fire Adepts from kidnapping Isaac's childhood friend Jenna. In order to do this, the player takes control of a teenager named Isaac, who is an aspiring swordsman. The game also features a mentor named Kraden, who helps Isaac along his journey. The game begins with Isaac's first defeat, which results in Jenna being lost at sea. Isaac's quest will continue through the rest of the game, but his journey will soon be rewarded when he rescues her.

The game's popularity was not immediately apparent, as the original N64 version was released in Japan in August 2001. North America and Europe followed in November 2001. The game is still available on the Game Boy Advance, but it's a lot more complicated than it was on the original N64. However, it was released for the GameCube at a later date, and the developers decided to give it a Game Boy Advance remake. The new game has improved graphics and an even deeper storyline, so gamers can expect a great experience on this system.