Sonic: Pinball Party


Released for the Game Boy Advance in 2003, Sonic Pinball Party is a celebration of the Sonic Team franchise. The game features references to many of the previous Sonic Team games, including Nights into Dreams and Samba De Amigo. Sonic the Hedgehog is also prominently featured in this arcade-style game. However, this pinball game is not without its faults. While many gamers found the game unappealing, many players loved it nonetheless.

In this video game, the goal is to collect as many points as possible. The game includes two modes: arcade mode and story mode. Players start each match with three pinballs, but can lose a pinball by rolling it into a hole. Flippers let the player control the pinballs, and shaking the table can move the pinballs to different areas of the table. The game also features several mini-games, like the Tiny Chao Garden and the NiGHTS into Dreams levels.