Tetris DX


The Game Boy Color launched in 1998, and Tetris DX was one of the first games to be available on it. The game is still playable on the original Game Boy, but without the enhanced graphics. Rather, it is part of the Game Boy Color DX series, which features remakes of classic Game Boy games. It is a must-have for any Game Boy collector. Whether you prefer the original or the deluxe version, Tetris DX is sure to be a hit with you.

Although Tetris DX is a graphical upgrade from its predecessor, it falls short when compared to Tetris DS, which was released on the Nintendo DS. The difference between the two is mainly in the graphics and game modes. In Tetris DX, the game has two new game modes - single player and multiplayer - and several new features. Another feature is the profile/save system. The rotation system is different as well, which allows you to move any tetromino upward.