Hotel Dusk: Room 215


Room 215 at Hotel Dusk on the DS is a point-and-click adventure. The game, which was formerly called Wish Room, made its public debut on May 9th, 2006, at the E3 event. Prior to its initial release elsewhere, it was first made available in North America on January 22, 2007, and then in other countries across the world. Using the Nintendo DS Rumble Pak accessory is supported. To be released as part of the Touch! Generations DS games in 2008, this game was first released in 2006. Cing, a now-defunct company, developed the game. For the Nintendo DS, there was a sequel, Last Window: Cape West's Secret, released in 2010.

At least 20 people worked on the project for roughly 18 months. "An unprecedented visual expression not found in any other game" was the goal for Hotel Dusk's director, Taisuke Kanasaki, in an interview with

It uses rotoscoping to animate its characters, while the game's settings are depicted in a brushwork style with a sprinkling of 3-D items. Rotoscoping isn't a new concept in video games, but it's still uncommon in most of them (with only a handful, namely the original Prince of Persia using the animation style).

Despite the game's name change, the Japanese release preserved the old title, which influenced the product ID Nintendo awarded it, which would begin with "AWI". Additionally, Dusk's tale has weak connections to Another Code: Two Memories, hinting that it is an indirect predecessor to that game.