Pokemon: Green


As with every game in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Green and Red are difficult to find in the wild, but you can catch them in the game and evolve them. You can also trade them for different Pokemon, including the new Kadabra, which is the Abra's replacement. Pokemon Green features a variety of Pokemon to catch in the wild, ranging from common ones to rare and exotic Pokemon. Compared to the previous games, Pokemon Green is much easier to capture.

In Pokemon Green, you will become a young trainer, and begin your quest to catch the 151 Pokémon on the planet Kanto. To do this, you will have to fight eight Gym Leaders and beat the Elite Four. This game is based on the first Pokemon game, so the name of the new series is wrongly attributed to a drunken man. The games are also fun and addicting, so you'll likely want to play as both characters.