Pokemon: Ruby Version


Pokémon - Ruby Version and Pokemon – Sapphire Version are two role playing video games in the popular franchise. Both games are part of the third generation of the franchise. Both games take the player to a world where they must catch and train various types of Pokémon to achieve certain goals. Whether you're looking to find new friends, learn more about the world of Pokémon, or just take the journey with your favorite Pokémon, you'll find many ways to engage in a lot of fun.

The main difference between Ruby and Sapphire is the location of the games. In the Ruby Version, you'll be exploring the newly added region of Hoenn, where the game takes place. Unlike previous games, this one also contains new species, including Charmander, Sharpedo, and Eevee. Both games also include Pokemon contests for you to take part in. For example, Pokemon Ruby has a plethora of new TMs and moves that you can use to get even more powerful Pokémon.