Super Mario Bros. DX


If you like playing Mario, you might enjoy Super Mario Bros. DX. This remake of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game features several new features. The game features the original game, Toy Box, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Vs. player mode, and much more. You can compete against up to five other players to unlock achievements and complete levels. The game also includes a variety of extras such as a downloadable soundtrack and trophies.

The graphical upgrade is minimal, and the only noticeable change is that the water and lava are now animated. In the Game Boy Color version, there are only sixteen tiles that are visible at a time. The graphical engine of the Super Mario Bros. DX version is reused, with graphical differences compared to the Game Boy version. While there are many differences between the two games, a few are more noticeable than others. Super Mario Bros. DX does not include lettered worlds or Fantasy World.