The World Ends with You


Action role-playing game The World Ends with You[c] was developed by Square Enix and Jupiter and released for the Nintendo DS in 2010. Urban fantasy themes and an anime art style are combined in this game set in Tokyo's trendy Shibuya commercial area. Jupiter's previous portable game, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, served as inspiration for the game's design. Release dates for the North American and European PAL regions and Japan were both July 2007 and April 2008, respectively. In 2012, h.a.n.d. produced an improved mobile port called The World Ends with You: Solo Remix, and in 2018 Nintendo released The World Ends with You: Final Remix on the Nintendo Switch globally.

The protagonist, Neku Sakuraba, and his comrades are forced to compete in an event known as the Reapers' Game, a week-long competition that will determine their fate in the novel. Many of the Nintendo DS's distinctive features are included into the fighting system, including dual-screen combat and attacks carried out by making specific gestures on the touchscreen or shouting into the microphone. The missions and character growth are heavily influenced by Japanese teenage culture, including clothes, food, and cell phones.

Upon its first release, The World Ends with You was met with a slew of positive reviews that lauded the game's aesthetics, soundtrack, and use of Shibuya as a backdrop. Several players voiced their displeasure with the game's steep learning curve and occasionally shaky touchscreen controls. The game was the second-best-selling DS title in Japan and the top-selling DS title in North America in the first week of its release. Later, Kingdom Hearts manga author Shiro Amano published a manga adaptation of the video game. From April 10 to June 26, 2021, an animated version produced by Square Enix, DOMERICA, and Shin-Ei Animation aired on TV.

It was announced in late 2020 that a sequel, Neo: The World Ends With You, would be released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on July 27, 2021, with a PC release scheduled for September 28, 2021.