Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam (USA)


Tony Hawks Downhill Jam for the Game Boy Advance is an exhilarating extreme sports game where players race downhill on various courses while performing tricks to earn points. With fastpaced gameplay and challenging levels, players can test their skills in intense competitions. Featuring iconic Tony Hawks style skateboarding action, this game offers hours of thrilling entertainment for fans of the genre. Get ready to experience highspeed excitement and adrenalinepumping thrills in Tony Hawks Downhill Jam.


In Tony Hawks Downhill Jam USA, players race downhill on skateboards. Use A to jump and B to perform tricks. Collect powerups for speed boosts. Avoid obstacles and beat opponents to win races. Earn points for tricks and finish as quickly as possible. Master controls for sharp turns and ramps. Experience fastpaced action in this thrilling skateboarding game. Enjoy adrenalinepumping races and become the downhill jam champion.

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