WarioWare: Touched!


Nintendo's minigame collection for the Nintendo DS, WarioWare: Touched![a]. The fourth WarioWare game and the first of three on the Nintendo DS features finishing "microgames" as soon as possible, which are small minigames that last only a few seconds. Only the touchscreen and microphone of the Nintendo DS are used for microgame control.

The game was created at the same time as WarioWare: Twisted! by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo SPD and distributed internationally by Nintendo. The game was designed to take advantage of the Nintendo DS's touchscreen capabilities. Touched! was released in Japan in December 2004, North America and Australia in February and Europe in March of 2005. It was released in Japan, Australia, and Europe as a launch title.

Reviewers praised the game's fast-paced gameplay, similar to other WarioWare games, but were disappointed by how brief it was. Touched! was the first episode to feature the series' recurring character Ashley, as well as the first to make use of the touchscreen and microphone. In WarioWare Gold, many of the Touched! microgames returned. Virtual Console versions of the game were published for Wii U in 2015 and for Nintendo 3DS in the following year. While all other areas' box art is yellow, the North American and Australian versions are orange.