WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role


This game's Season Mode has undergone significant changes. With the removal of the pre-season mode, Know Your Role expanded the number of storylines and matches per episode. Fans and critics alike had a mixed reaction to these adjustments. As a wrestler advances through a season, more wrestlers, maneuvers, and arenas become available. Multiple players can compete against each other during a season. Among the WWE superstars who can be unlocked are Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Billy Gunn, Mick Foley (including Cactus Jack), and Debra Marshall.

A DLC superstar in WWE '12, Michael Cole makes his second appearance as an unlockable superstar; his first appearance was in WWF No Mercy, and it was his last in the series until then.

Although their names were removed from the game, Big Show and Ken Shamrock were still included in the game, which was released before their removal from the promotion's programming; Big Show had been sent out of the WWF and into Ohio Valley Wrestling, while Shamrock had returned to mixed martial arts competition; both can be used in other modes as unlockables, but their names were removed.