Digimon World 2 (USA)


Digimon World 2 is a strategic roleplaying game where players control Digimon teams to battle enemies, using tactics and skillful planning. The game features turnbased combat and involves exploring dungeons on a quest to defeat evil forces. With over 200 Digimon to collect and evolve, players must train their digital monsters for epic showdowns. This PlayStation 1 classic, known for its engaging gameplay and colorful characters, is a mustplay for Digimon fans.


In Digimon World 2 USA, players control a Digimon Tamer training a team of Digimon to battle in dungeons. Dive into turnbased combat and strategic gameplay to succeed. Explore various dungeons and collect Digimon to strengthen your team. With over 230 Digimon available, the possibilities are endless. Level up your Digimon, evolve them, and trade to complete your Pokedex. Unleash powerful Digivolutions and defeat challenging enemies. Become the ultimate Digimon Tamer in this exciting adventure

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