Digimon World 2


Unlike Digimon World, which encouraged players to treat their Digimon as pets, Digimon World 2 is a dungeon crawler RPG. In a tank called a "Digi-Beetle," the player travels through a series of "Domains," which are huge labyrinths. As soon as the player and their Digimon team encounter an opposing Digimon in one of these dungeons, a turn-based JRPG-style battle begins. In addition, the domains are filled with hazards and traps including land mines, energy fields known as "Electro-Spores," huge stones, acid floors, and treasure chests. You may get rid of traps using goods that can be purchased at stores located around the game, while enemy Digimon can become friendly with "gift" items. The Digi-Beetle, on the other hand, has a limited supply of products, which necessitates careful inventory management. Digimon are usually found at the end of each Domain, either alone or in the company of other Tamers. There is a "Leave Portal" located near the boss' position that allows players to exit from the Domain after defeating the boss.

Digimon can "digivolve" into new and more powerful forms when the player's Digimon advance in level. Levels Rookie to Champion to Ultimate to Mega are all included in the game. DNA digivolution can also be used to unite two Digimon and create a new one, which will have superior stats and inherit all of its parents' techniques. Every Digimon has a level cap after which they can no longer accrue experience, requiring the user to perform DNA digivolution in order to raise the level caps of their group.