Dino Crisis


Capcom created and released Dino Crisis, a survival horror game for the PlayStation, in 1999. Director Shinji Mikami, a member of the Capcom team that created Resident Evil, worked on Dino Crisis, and the two games have a lot in common. Investigating a remote island research facility is a mission for special operations agent Regina. When Regina and her crew arrive at the dinosaur-infested facility, they must fight their way through it in order to uncover its secrets and make it out alive.

Unlike previous Resident Evil games, Dino Crisis has a real-time engine with 3D environments instead of pre-rendered ones. Traditional survival horror components, such as action and puzzles, are included throughout the game, but the dinosaurs are quick, intelligent, and brutal, allowing for a more persistent visceral anxiety. In the end, Capcom decided to promote the game as "panic horror" rather than "survival horror" because of these design modifications. The animators and programmers drew inspiration for their dinosaurs from predatory animals. This was not Mikami's idea for the game because he wanted to develop more complicated dinosaur AI. Despite this, he had faith in the team's ability to produce environments with enough realism despite the technological restrictions.

As a critical and economic success, Dino Crisis sold over 2.4 million copies on PlayStation. Some critics likened it to Resident Evil, calling it "Resident Evil but with dinos". The game's intensity, aesthetics, and gameplay were all commended by the reviewers. The lack of dinosaur variety, repetitive locations, and tiresome riddles were some of the criticisms leveled at the game. It was re-published on the PlayStation Network in 2006, after it had already been released for the Dreamcast and PC in 2000. A total of two Game Boy Color prototypes were planned, but both were scrapped.