Dr. Mario


Dr. Mario is an action-puzzle video game released in 1990. It is the first title of the Mario series and was developed and published by Nintendo. It was initially released on the Game Boy and Nintendo Entertainment System consoles. While Mario is a popular video game franchise, Dr. Mario was one of the first to feature an all-new game mechanic. The game is known for its many twists and turns, which spawn new enemies and challenges every time you play it.

In addition to the new move, Dr. Mario has been buffed overall in the game. Recent changes include an increase in damage and an increased damage multiplier. The new down aerial can now hit a meteor, and it also has increased knockback. It is also now one of the strongest back throws in the game. As a result of these changes, Dr. Mario can now compete with many other characters in ranked play. The new update will be out on October 22 and will have some interesting tweaks for this character.